Underwater Caves Diving Center in Mexico

Cave diving is different from any kind of diving you’ve probably ever done. Admission to these wonder-filled playgrounds comes with a price. To safely cave dive one must be cool and level-headed, exercise mature judgment, be properly equipped and every dive must be well planned and executed.

The undoubtedly most beautiful underwater caves diving in the world are located within Mexico in both the Riviera Maya, the region around Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal and Tulum or inside the large, mostly unknown and unexplored part of the the Central Yucatan Peninsula around Merida, Homun and Tizimin.           Caves Diving

Aquatech Dive Center

If you are a certified open water diver you should not miss the opportunity to experience the fresh water Cavern Diving. The Caverns and Caves Diving in the Akumal area are world renowned and an exciting under water scuba caves diving experience. In 1984, owners Nancy, Tony and Wayne were some of the first divers to explore these incredible cave systems. When the Aquatech Dive Center was created in 1986, it quickly became the headquarters for the best cavern and cave diving in the world. A cavern dive with Aquatech will be an experience to remember.

Acuatic Tulum Center

Acuatic Tulum was founded in 1993 by Alejandro Alvarez Enriquez, a Civil Engineer better known as “Alex Alvarez”. At a time when Tulum was nearly virgin, Alex established his business on this most beautiful beach just a few meters from the Tulum Archaeological Zonetulum. His vision was to share the unparalled beauty of the Mexican Caribbean by offering underwater caves diving and snorkeling tours. That vision became reality as he became the first provider of PADI recreational dive courses in Tulum.

Mayan Riviera

Mexico is an enormous country, which borders America to the North; the Pacific Ocean to the South and West; Guatemala, Belize and the Caribbean to the South East; and the Gulf of Mexico to the East. The Mayan Riviera is a very popular holiday destination on the Eastern side of the country, which sits next to the beautiful Caribbean Sea. The area offers stunning white sand beaches bordering crystal clear turquoise water, and enjoys some of the best under water caves diving spots on earth. In addition to some excellent sea-based dive sites, the area is also blessed with a series of cenotes freshwater pools, formed by ancient flooded limestone cave systems.

Scuba Mex Dive Center

Scuba Mex Dive Center takes certified open water divers on cenote cavern dives every week. Divers go in small groups (maximum 4 divers per divemaster) with an experienced Full Cave Diver. Cenote cavern dives stay within sight of natural daylight.Cenote cavern dives are a unique experience. The water is crystal clear and fresh. Divers can see the beautiful mineral formations in the cenote caver.


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