Mountain Biking in Chile

Mountain-biking requires a specialized bike with wider tires and deeper treads to allow the bike to grip onto off-road terrain. It allows you to take your bike into areas you could not go with a road-bike, and also can offer something of an adrenalin rush as you go up and down steep hills, across streams, etc.

The activity can be taken at a slow pace on easy routes, but typically it is practiced as a demanding sport at a fast pace and on rough terrain, and in some areas, requires you to take the bike and carry it across difficult parts. In such cases, it demands excellent physical condition.  Mountain Biking

On this Chile mountain biking holiday we commence our journey eastwards from Puerto Varas, beside Lago Llanquilhue and the ever impressive Volcano Osorno. En route we pause to appreciate the series of rapids and waterfalls of Saltos de Petrohue, before leaving Chile for the moment and crossing into Argentina.From here we head along the lovely Ruta de Las Siete Lagos‚ to San Martin de los Andes. Situated on the edge of Lago Lacar, San Martin is the perfect place to relax and reflect on the mountain biking holiday so far.

Parque Los Alerces We will mountain bike into the Pampas of Argentina, with its dramatic change in landscape. Our first destination will be the small welsh village of Trevlin. We will visit and learn about the unique European heritage of this area. Then we will ride to a lake in Parque Nacional de los Alerces, home of the giant, endangered 3000 year old Alerce trees before heading back to Futaleufu.

Palena Valley Circuit A mountain bike circuit through the Andes Mountains that lets riders experience the real Patagonia. We visit villages and hamlets that are way off the international tourist routes. Spectacular scenery and a great cultural experience await.

Andes to the Pacific Starting in the small alpine village of Futaleufu we will mountain bike through the entire country of Chile to the seaside village of Chaiten on the Southern Pacific Ocean. On route you will see or experience hanging glaciers, hot springs, scenic volcanoes, temperate rainforests, alpine lakes, exotic wildlife, and unique micro climates.


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