Scuba Cave Diving Sites in Mexico

The cave diving instruction and guiding in Mexico at the ProTec Dive Centers in Playa del Carmen and Tulum, Mexico.Cave diving is different from any kind of diving you’ve probably ever done. Admission to these wonder-filled playgrounds comes with a price. To safely cave dive one must be cool and level-headed, exercise mature judgment, be properly equipped and every dive must be well planned and executed.

Mexico Cave Diving Located in the Mexican Caribbean Sea, opposite the Riviera Maya,Cozumel offers to all-level divers more than 25 miles of reefs that belong to the second largest great barrier coral reef in the world. The island of Cozumel is reknowned for its cave diving but facilities on the mainland are also good so you could stay in Cancun, travel up the coast diving here and there and still have the opportunity to dive at Cozumel if you wish.   Scuba Cav

Yucatan Dive Sites

The State of Yucatan has over 3500 Cenotes with many water filled caves. Most caves are deeper than in Q.Roo in the 130 feet / 40 meter to 200 feet / 60 meter range. The caves are much shorter in penetration distance. Most of the Cenotes are located in remote areas with a steep 30 feet / 9 meter drop from the jungle floor to the water surface.Most of the Cenotes in the Yucatan are Sinkholes with no connected horizontal cave passages. Some of theses Sinkholes exceed 500 feet / 150 meters in depth.Technical diving techniques have to be employed to safely dive the deep caves of the Yucatan.

Cenote & Cave Dive Sites

The Cenotes are located within the Riviera Maya starting at Playa del Carmen untill South and West of Tulum. The five largest underwater caves of the world are located in the Riviera Maya. All caves are disolution caves with a depth of 20 feet / 6 meters – 70 feet / 21 meters.The Halocline, the interface of freshwater on top and saltwater below is connected to the distance to the coast line. Close to the coast the Halocline is in 15 feet / 5 meters of water, most of the caves within the Riviera Maya do have the Halocline at a depth of 35 feet / 11 meters.The year around water temperature is 78 F / 24 C with visibility in the 200 feet / 60 meter range. Most caves have very good access by car and walk to the water.

Cavern Dive Sites

Cavern Diving is similar to cave diving, the difference is that some natural light is visible to you at all times. So cavern divers don’t go as deep into the passages as cave divers do. The cave opening doesn’t need to be visible, just some sort of natural light emanating from that opening. The penetration limit for cavern diving is 200 feet (60 m) from the cave opening. Cavern divers also use a guide line to prevent getting lost, but it’s already attached to the cave floor or wall.


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