Rafting in Grand Canyon

Rafting the Grand Canyon offers a phenomenal variety of vistas, camps, waterfalls, rapids, side canyons, archaeological ruins, and other attraction sites to enjoy and explore. Allowing time to visit these places is the essence of every Outdoors Unlimited Grand Canyon Rafting trip. Our paddle and oar powered whitewater trips take a minimum of 13 days to traverse all 240 miles of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park down to Lake Mead. Recognizing that you may not have time to do a Full Canyon Trip we offer the opportunity to do either the Upper Canyon or Lower Canyon.

Rafting the Grand Canyon Colorado River is a bucket list adventure for most outdoor and travel enthusiasts. Colorado paddlers must reach Diamond Creek in 16 days from Lees Ferry, and trying to figure out what to see and do in those 224 miles can be tough.  Grand Canyon

Whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon offers a distinctive view of one of the most popular and breathtaking natural wonders of the world. The Grand Canyon radiates both excitement and serenity. Without a doubt, the Grand Canyon is one of the most incredible geological wonderlands on earth. Colorado River rafting gives you a glorious perspective of this natural wonder. Grand Canyon whitewater vacations combine thrilling world-class whitewater rafting with time for exploration within the Canyon. Side hikes from the river lead you up crystal clear creeks to discover waterfalls, venture through hidden canyons and uncover evidence of ancient inhabitants concealed from most Grand Canyon visitors.

schedule rafting

schedule for rafting the Grand Canyon spans a six month period of time, we are also able to offer some seasonal choices. A trip in April can find the bottom of the canyon alive with color during the annual spring blooming of desert flowers. Both April and September offer cooler temperatures and a more leisurely pace with slightly longer trips. September often features the best weather of the year and is probably the best for hiking. Mid season dates are available for those with summer vacation time. We can also offer a way to accommodate the style of boating that you prefer and your level of adventure with our paddle or oar options.

Smooth water rafting

Smooth water rafting tour may most popular tour for you. On this tour you are picked up at your hotel or other convenient location while you sit back and relax aboard a luxury motor-coach or van as you are guided along the East Rim of Grand Canyon National Park onto the Navajo Indian Reservation, and the Painted Desert while in route to the base of Glen Canyon Dam where you will board motorized 15-22 passenger river rafts for your 15.5 river mile smooth water river adventure travel.


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