Backpacking Essential Tips Before Go To Trip

The great outdoors can be overwhelming for first-time backpackers, especially when you are camping in the wilderness miles from roads, facilities and other people but, the solitude is one of the best reasons to get on the trail and go backpacking essential.

Backpacking essential tramping, trekking or backcountry camping is essentially the combination of hiking and camping in the backcountry. A backpacker carries camping gear: a tent, sleeping bag, cookware, food and clothing, in a backpack and hikes to a backcountry camping destination.

Backpacking Essential trips range from short one-night trips to multi-day trips. Some trips start at one trailhead and end at another. And some backpackers even set-out on months long distance end-to end treks called thru hikes. Popular thru hikes include the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and the Appalachian Trail (AT).                         Essential Tips


The best way to ensure that you eat well while backpacking essential is to stay at Gold Coast accommodation that includes a restaurant that offers up to 3 meals a day, and normally provides breakfast as part of their room package. Make sure that you take advantage of the meals that are included in your accommodation rate, so you save on eating out. Of course cheap fast food joints take care of the bulk of a backpackers diet during their travels. Try to visit markets or eateries that the locals frequent on the Gold Coast to get a taste of the local food and get the best deals available.

Extra food

Sometimes, you may underestimate how much fuel your body needs to complete your hike. Other times, you may spend an unscheduled night out there. In any case, you’ll be very glad you packed a couple of extra trail bars and some GORP. Make sure your “extra food” stash is stuff that doesn’t require any cooking.


At least one water bottle and a collapsible water reservoir are non-negotiable for an ultralight pack. It’s up to you whether you want to carry the weight of a filter or opt for neutralizing chemical tablets.

First aid

Bandages, disinfectant and blister-care are all basic to a first-aid kit. A kit for multiple people will need to be bigger, but you can go lighter with just a single-person kit. Make sure it’s comprehensive.

Backpacking Gear

The goal of most backpackers is to keep their pack light, but still carry all the camping gear they need to make their trip comfortable.Ultimately, you only need food and shelter for a successful backpacking essential trip. There are a few essential backpacking items that each backpacker will want to carry and a few items that a group of backpackers can split up to share the weight.

Packing essentials

The lighter you back, the better—especially if you’re planning on picking up souvenirs. For clothing, pack enough for just under one week and plan on doing laundry every one to two weeks. Some people belong to the “folding” theory of packing while others adhere to the “rolling” theory. Find out which works best for you—personally, I do a bit of both. Read More..


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