Best Scuba Diving Resorts in Honduras

The Bay Islands of Roatan and Utila lie off the Honduras mainland and along the world’s second largest barrier reef. Roatan is home to one of the Caribbean’s largest wrecks, the 300’ freighter, the Odyssey. Whalesharks, manta rays and dolphins are more commonly encountered in Utila’s waters where the continental shelf drops vertically to over 3,300 feet.

Diving the Honduras Bay Islands offers diverse reefs but you may have to deal with the ubiquitous no-see-ums. All dive resorts are in the Bay Islands: Roatan, Utila, Cayos Cochinos, all home to aggressive no-see-ums – some people have serious allergic reactions. Those without DEET may find their vacations ruined. Scuba Diving Roatan and other Bay Islands features nice walls, offshore seamounts, and excellent coral and gorgonians, although there are few large fish. Whale sharks are common near Utila roughly February through May and boats from Roatan are chasing them too.     Scuba Diving

Diving in Honduras is a must for scuba diving enthusiasts and beginners alike.The north coast is home to the Bay Islands and the Meso-American reef, providing the perfect environment to learn how to scuba dive in calm, warm waters while Scuba diving at some of the world’s best dive sites.

Roatan Dive Resorts

Roatan Rustic to luxury, full-service to DIY Roatan’s operators are among the best in the biz, and the island has easy offerings to suit every kind of diver, just a short flight from the U.S. heartland. No matter what part of the island you are attracted to or what kind of Scuba diving you like to do, one of these operators and resorts is just right for your Roatan adventure.

Turquoise Bay Resort

The largest of the Bay Islands in Honduras. Discover an island with authentic Caribbean and Latin American lifestyles and warm, friendly islanders greeting you wherever you go. Located on Roatan’s Northeast shore Turquoise Bay is the only dive resort in this lush and remote area of the island providing you with the opportunity to dive uncrowded, pristine dive sites. The resort is set on a hillside with spectacular ocean views and a protected bay which makes the water calm and perfect for swimming and kayaking. Beach lovers will enjoy our private, tranquil, 500 ft white-sand beach.

Utila Resort

Utopia Village is a Utila resort that is an “off the beaten path” vacation retreat. It is remote, it is casual, it is friendly, it is beautifully designed and most of all, it is adventure, set in unchoreographed natural surroundings.This beach resort hotel is built on the edge of an abundant reef. It is located a twenty-minute boat ride from the nearest and only town on the tiny island of Utila, off the coast of Honduras.

Deep Blue Resort

Deep Blue Resort Utila is a 5 Star Gold Palm PADI Resort and an all inclusive scuba diving destinations venue. Your hosts, Steve, Jasmine and Shirley will welcome you to their resort which is set in a private beach front location, surrounded by coconut palms and fruit trees with indigenous wildlife and wild orchids. It is a beautiful get away from it all resort which can only be reached by boat through a lagoon (which has great fishing) at the back of the property.


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