Hiking Experience in Hawaii

Hawaii is regarded as heaven for hikers. Whether you want to explore the historic sites through scenic hikes or want to set off for a challenging trail on fields of lava, Hawaii has everything to offer. With a very favorable climate you can Hiking experience the best of hiking in Hawaii at any time of the year.

The natural beauty and the pristine air will energize you. The tranquil sea will soothe you. The breathtaking panorama will restore your mind and soul. If you look around you will find no place as stunning on earth as Hawaii. Every island of Hawaii has a distinct experience to charm any hiker. Hawaii hiking tours will simply give you the most incredible travel Hiking experience.                                      Hiking experience

Many people think of Hawaii as a vacation spot with sandy beaches, luaus, and coconut drinks, but Hawaii is also home to some of the best, most beautiful hikes in the world. If you want exotic hikes away from the major tourist crowds head over to Kauai for some great hiking such as the Pipiwai Trail to Waimoku Falls and other great hikes on Kauai. If you are staying on Oahu, home to Honolulu which is the capitol of Hawaii, there are a number of scenic hikes on Oahu. Many visitors also travel to Maui to see volcanoes and to explore some of the more desolate areas in Hawaii.

Maui Hiking Trails

maui has some absolutely fantastic trails hikers surely won’t be disappointed. You can hike a trail leading into a rain forest or you can hike into a gulch with a 400-foot waterfall as your reward. You can hike along the ridge of Waihee Valley and take a trip to Kauai (or so you’d think from the view) or hike into the erosional crater of Haleakala Volcano where you can view one of the world’s most bizarre and rare plants, the Silversword.

Akaka Falls State Park Trails

This 420ft waterfall crashing through the rainforest choked with fragrant ginger and giant philodendrons is no less spectacular for its easy access. Drive up, stroll a half mile through what feels like Hollywood Hawaii  vacation travel and there you are. Like all waterfalls on this part of the coast, ‘Akaka Falls are most impressive during seasonal rains, when they spill violently over the verdant cliffs.

Waipi’o Valley Trails

Legends begin here, where the road ends overlooking this magical valley. You can linger at the scenic viewpoint however; the waterfalls, wild horses and wilder black-sand beach tend to beckon explorers. Choose from hiking, horseback or even a mule-drawn wagon to get you there. The very Hiking  experienced can kayak in – when conditions are just right.

Maunawili Falls Trail

The Maunawilli Falls Trail is a great hike in Kailua along the river that eventually stops at a beautiful waterfall with a great swimming hole below. Many people like to jump from the waterfall into the pool below, and some with a bit more courage even climb higher to the side of the waterfall to jump further (try at your own risk).


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