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6 Best Items For Ultralight Backpacking

The top ultralight  backpacking gear essentials for your next hike or adventure race. If you have children, you will have fun assembling this kit with them as a learning experience, then taking them out on a trip to learn how to use your new gear essentials.

Ultra-light gear used to be a thing that only elite athletes with a large budget could afford. For the average person, if you were not willing to pay an exorbitant amount, you had to compromise by buying gear that was significantly heavier or bulkier. With limited space in your pack and a need to keep your overall weight as low as possible, this results in certain items being cut from the packing list of the items that may actually be essential in the event of an emergency.

First Aid Kit

It only takes one wrong step to become injured outdoors. Trails can be rocky , rocks can be slippery, branches can be sharp. Be prepared for any injury with a portable First Aid kit. You can purchase pre-packaged ones or make your own.              Ultralight Backpacking

Tarp Tent

This shelter system has redefined the way we sleep outside. Don’t let the name deceive you; this is no mere tarp. These tents offer protection from rain, bugs, and sun, with a packed weight of less than 24 ounces. Keep in mind you’ll need to carry poles to set this system up.

Warm Clothing

Speaking of staying warm, be sure to pack proper clothing. No matter what time of year, keep in mind that Mother Nature is finicky. Should rain, snow, or cold weather strike when you’re miles away from your car or other people, having extra warm clothing will keep you warm, dry, and healthy.

Smartwool Socks

Smartwool socks are designed to wick moisture away from the foot to the outside. They also retain most of their ability to maintain heat when wet, unlike cotton or even many polypro materials.

Extra Food

Whenever you go out, even for a day trip, bring extra food in case you are delayed by emergencies, foul weather, or just get lost. The mountaineers suggest a one-day supply. At the very least, bring one good meal more than what you need.


The only thing worse than getting lost is getting lost in the dark. Be sure to pack a flashlight in your backpack or wear a headlamp if hiking for a long time. Even if you are around your site, a light will help you with all tasks once the sun sets.


Must See Places in Europe For Backpacking

The Backpacking in Europe is a rite of passage for most students and travellers. But it’s such a vast place that many end up hopping between the most famous cities (London, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome sound familiar?) and never delve beneath the surface into what this continent, particularly the Eastern fringes, really has to offer.

Europe Backpacking contains many places  for travel guide that are stunningly beautiful, deeply fascinating or significantly important. In fact some destinations are all of the above!Whilst any list of ‘must see’ places can only ever be subjective and open for debate, the following 10 must see destinations are certainly up there with the finest Europe has to offer.Best places

Europe offers a choice for backpackers desperate to get away without the crippling air fares associated with destinations further afield. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few of our favourite European backpackers destinations, to help you choose somewhere to escape to that promises all the pleasures that travelling affords, whilst being easy on the pocket.


Portugal is every bit of the Old World wonder and natural beauty that Spain and Italy are, but at a far more reasonable price. Lisbon is a work of art that shows the weight of its age, but remains proud and elegant all the same. For backpackers, getting from Porto (the first point of entry on many budget flights) down to the Algarve (the stunning coastal region on the southern most point of Portugal) which joins up with Spain is pretty cheap, comfortable and easy.


The capital of Germany is one of the best places for art and music in Europe. Berlin is a gigantic city filled with history. You’ll be able to learn about its Nazi past, World War II, the Cold War, and the reunification between East and West. More than that, it’s also a great place for art as it has tons of world class museums. Moreover the city that started the Love Parade is bound to have great nightlife! You’ll never be bored here.

Venice, Italy

Still in Italy but much further north, the popular city break destination of Venice is sadly under threat.Built on more than a hundred small islands and crisscrossed by myriad waterways, this beautiful city is actually sinking by two and a half inches a decade.There are elaborate plans to save it, but geological shifting may well eventually triumph, so see it while you can.


The Inca Trail has been very high up on the list of backpacking Must Sees for many moons. Although it’s frequently criticised for being overly commercialised, Machu Picchu is every bit as mysterious and beautiful as the pamphlets say – you just have to share the view with a few other people.


European backpacking trip would be complete without a visit to the wonderful Barcelona. This city simply oozes charm and cool without any sense of pretention, making it a dream for laid-back, outgoing backpackers in search of fun and new friends.Though this city is not ideal for the tight-budgeted, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Barcelona without breaking the bank.

Europe Backpacking – How To Save Money

Planning a trip around Europe Backpacking this summer and looking for ways to save money? Chris Richardson of The Aussie Nomad, has six sure-fire ways to keep your wallet happy while you’re country-hopping through the Continent. Chris picked up these tips during his last backpacking trip through Europe Backpacking.

Traveling can be one of the most exciting things you do in life, but it can also be one of the most expensive. If you’re going to travel, you’re going to have to spend save money. However, there’s no need to break the bank! Here are a few general tips on how to save money when travelling around Europe Backpacking.           Save Money

Get a good backpack

It’s absolutely worth investing in a proper hiking backpack with a frame and ample support, and a pair of hiking shoes. Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) is an excellent place to check out what’s available. A winning backpack-shoe combination will improve your whole travel destination experience and will also enable you to walk to your hostel from the station rather than taking a taxi or public transport you want to see more of your destination, not just fly past it.

Eat Cheap

ways to save some money while backpacking. Food can often be one of the biggest costs and if you’re adventure trip is less culinary and more…cultural…then food might be at the bottom of your expense list. In Spain, you may just be able to get by with the small tapas you receive when ordering a beer. Or, if you’re really looking to save money as much up for your travels, most hostels offer kitchens where you’re welcome to cook your own meals.

Use the kitchen

Make use of any kitchen facilities your hostel might have. But whether you’ve got access to a kitchen or not, it’s a good idea to pack a dual-voltage water heater, like this one from Lewis N Clark, which comes with a European Backpacking adapter. If you’re staying in a hotel room or a hostel with no kitchen facilities, this little immersive heating element will boil you a cup of water in minutes. You can use it for tea, coffee, soup or even eggs.

Bring your own snacks

Bringing some energy bars or granola bars with you during the day can help fight off hunger cravings in between meals. Snacks during the day can easily add up to just as much save money as a meal. With bars in hand you won’t be spending your money on unnecessary snacks and can save money it for other things.

Backpacking Essential Tips Before Go To Trip

The great outdoors can be overwhelming for first-time backpackers, especially when you are camping in the wilderness miles from roads, facilities and other people but, the solitude is one of the best reasons to get on the trail and go backpacking essential.

Backpacking essential tramping, trekking or backcountry camping is essentially the combination of hiking and camping in the backcountry. A backpacker carries camping gear: a tent, sleeping bag, cookware, food and clothing, in a backpack and hikes to a backcountry camping destination.

Backpacking Essential trips range from short one-night trips to multi-day trips. Some trips start at one trailhead and end at another. And some backpackers even set-out on months long distance end-to end treks called thru hikes. Popular thru hikes include the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and the Appalachian Trail (AT).                         Essential Tips


The best way to ensure that you eat well while backpacking essential is to stay at Gold Coast accommodation that includes a restaurant that offers up to 3 meals a day, and normally provides breakfast as part of their room package. Make sure that you take advantage of the meals that are included in your accommodation rate, so you save on eating out. Of course cheap fast food joints take care of the bulk of a backpackers diet during their travels. Try to visit markets or eateries that the locals frequent on the Gold Coast to get a taste of the local food and get the best deals available.

Extra food

Sometimes, you may underestimate how much fuel your body needs to complete your hike. Other times, you may spend an unscheduled night out there. In any case, you’ll be very glad you packed a couple of extra trail bars and some GORP. Make sure your “extra food” stash is stuff that doesn’t require any cooking.


At least one water bottle and a collapsible water reservoir are non-negotiable for an ultralight pack. It’s up to you whether you want to carry the weight of a filter or opt for neutralizing chemical tablets.

First aid

Bandages, disinfectant and blister-care are all basic to a first-aid kit. A kit for multiple people will need to be bigger, but you can go lighter with just a single-person kit. Make sure it’s comprehensive.

Backpacking Gear

The goal of most backpackers is to keep their pack light, but still carry all the camping gear they need to make their trip comfortable.Ultimately, you only need food and shelter for a successful backpacking essential trip. There are a few essential backpacking items that each backpacker will want to carry and a few items that a group of backpackers can split up to share the weight.

Packing essentials

The lighter you back, the better—especially if you’re planning on picking up souvenirs. For clothing, pack enough for just under one week and plan on doing laundry every one to two weeks. Some people belong to the “folding” theory of packing while others adhere to the “rolling” theory. Find out which works best for you—personally, I do a bit of both. Read More..